Do you translate web sites?

We do web site translation for some of our customers. Before starting work, we consult with our customers to be able to offer them the best solution, which corresponds to their needs. In the digital world, the localisation of a given text may be a more appropriate option than the direct translation

To and from which languages do you translate?

We provide translation to and from 15 most commonly used languages, as well as from combinations of two foreign languages into Bulgarian. Please, click HERE to see our working languages. If you have a special requirement or need translation to or from a rare language, contact us and we will do our best to respond to your need.

Do you offer urgent or express translations?

To meet the needs of our customers, we are able to provide express translation of documents, including during the weekend.

Please, contact us by filling in and sending us the Contact Form stating the deadline for the translation or call us at 0889 235 855.

What file types do you work with?

We can process various file types. We prefer files created by a text processing software (Word, Excel) but we can also handle PDF, XMLl, HTML, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Which documents are public and which are private?

Public documents are issued by the judiciary, notaries, executive authorities when exercising their respective authorities and such documents comply with certain form requirements, e.g.: court rulings, notary deeds; certificates of no criminal record; civil stats documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, marital status certificates, name identity certificates, death certificates; secondary and higher education diplomas and their attachments; academic transcripts, university certificates, medical certificates, etc.

Private documents are created by private natural or legal persons and contain information about their activity or an intended act, e.g.: power of attorney, declaration, various types of company documents, etc. A private document certified by a notary public shall not acquire public status.

Do you use software translation tools?

We offer translation performed using specialised translation software. Depending on the project requirements, we will assess the type and nature of the document and will consider using the software as per your preferences.


The price of written translation is determined based on a standard page of 1,800 characters including spaces. After a document has been translated, the total number of pages is multiplied by the price for the respective order (depending on the language group, urgency of the translation, text type, total volume, etc.)


    – We can offer special discounts for regular customers.

    – Interpretation is charged based on the time of engagement, where the minimum charging period is one hour.

    – The price for legalisation is determined based on the speed of completing your order and on the statutory state fees.


To receive accurate information about the price of the translation depending on the language group, term for implementation and type of the source text, please, fill the Contact Form.

How will I pay for the translation?

The payment for the translation is to be done by a bank transfer based on an invoice we will issue, or upon delivery of the translated document by courier.

What are the working hours?

We work during the regular business hours of the translation services sector: 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

In our practice, we have often provided translation services outside of the stated hours, including on Saturdays and Sundays, to ensure that the clients receive the translated documents they need to achieve their market or personal goals.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by filling and sending the Contact Form and someone from our team will contact you, or you can call us at 0889 235 855 or 0886 658400.

I have filled in the form and sent an inquiry. What happens next?

After you have filled in the Contact Form, attached the files you want translated and sent them successfully, we will review your inquiry and a member of our team will reply to you with a concrete term of delivery and price or with a proposal that we may discuss. Our reply and proposal do not bind you to assign the order to us.

How is it guaranteed that the documents I send for translation, will be treated in confidentiality?

All translators, editors and collaborators of the company sign a declaration whereby they are obliged to observe rigid confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements in relation to the information they have become aware of when translating or providing other services.

How can I provide the documents or files that I need translated?

You can scan the documents and attach them to the inquiry in the Contact Form or you can send them by e-mail.

The documents that need certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the National Centre for Documentation and Information to the Ministry of Education and Science, or by the Ministry of Justice, must be provided to us in original. You can bring the documents to any of our addresses or send them by courier.

I would like to join the team of translators of the company. How can I contact you?

If you are interested to join our translators’ team, please, send us a CV stating your working languages, level of competence and issuing institution of the language certificate/diploma; translation experience – e.g. number of translated pages, number of hours of simultaneous translation, etc.; field(s) of translation. The CV and other supporting documents should be sent to our e-mail: or or you can contact us at 0889235855. .

How is the level of language proficiency checked of a translator willing to join the company and how is a translator accepted in the company team?

If you want to join our translators’ team, you must meet the following requirements: language proficiency: C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, at least 2 years of experience as translator or 5,000 translated pages. The applying translators will be asked to provide translation of a text to and from their working language. The translation will be reviewed by some of our experienced translators. If you would like to develop as translator and join our team, please, contact us at or and send your presentation or call us at 0889235855.

I have documents, which were translated some time ago, but I am not sure about the quality of the translation. Can you review and correct them once again?

Yes, we provide editing and proofreading of already translated documents, including science fiction and specialised texts, course or diploma theses, research papers, advertising materials, etc. To deliver the service, we need the original text along with the translation (if any), and clearly stated requirements, which we will match to our standards and practices.

Do you perform translation of civil status documents such as: marriage certificates, birth certificates business cards and other personal documents?

In June 2016, the European Parliament passed a Regulation aiming at reducing the costs and formalities for the citizens who need to present a document issued by a given member state to the institutions of another member state. The Regulation introduces a system for waiving the obligation for legalisation of and placement of an apostille on the documents to certify their authenticity. As a result of enactment of the Regulation, the official documents (e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of clear criminal record) issued in a European Union Member State shall be recognised as authentic in the other Member States without the need of a stamp for authenticity (apostille). The Regulation also eliminates the obligation of the citizens to provide in all cases a certified copy and certified translation of their official documents. To avoid such translation, citizens can also use the multi-language standard certificates in all EU languages, which will be attached to the official documents to facilitate translation.

The Regulation concerns also the official documents, which certify the following facts: birth; that a person is alive; death; name; marriage, including marital capacity and marital status, divorce, legal separation or marriage annulment, registered partnership, including the capacity for concluding a registered partnership and the status of being into a registered partnership; termination of a registered partnership, legal separation or annulment of a registered partnership; origin, adoption, permanent address and/or place of residence; nationality, clear criminal record; the right of a person to elect and be elected in local elections and European Parliament elections.

The Regulation introduces multi-language standard certificates to facilitate the translation of official documents related to the following circumstances: birth; that a person is alive; death; marriage (including marital capacity and marital status); registered partnership (including the capacity for concluding a registered partnership and the status of being into a registered partnership); permanent address and/or place of residence; clear criminal record.

Within two and a half years of entering into force of the Regulation, or by the end of 2018, the Member States are supposed to take all measures for implementation of the Regulation after the expiry of this term.

To receive accurate information about the price of the translation depending on the language group, the type of the source text, or about the price of other services we offer, please, fill in the Contact Form below or call us at: 0889235855 or 0886658400.

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